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Hiring Guide for Wedding Planners

Weddings are considered to be a milestone in an individual’s life. It’s the day where practically, a person undertakes a whole new journey. The day is marked as the beginning of a new life for the couple, and thus, everyone wants the day to be perfect. A wedding planner can take the burden off the families’ shoulders and make sure that the wedding is hassle-free. Be it a big fat Indian wedding or a small social gathering, wedding planners will fight for your wedding vision and will keep everything on track. UrbanHands connects you with the best wedding planners in town so that the d-day becomes the most memorable day of your life.

Know what you’re looking for

Wedding Planners can help you manage your entire wedding in the budget you quote to them. They can either handle all wedding arrangements or look over a few of them. For eg: You can ask your planner to arrange for catering, decoration, lighting etc., or just one of these. Wedding planners help you decide your theme, connect you to various vendors and also help you in taking care of the guests along with the bride and groom. They also take responsibility for other pre or post wedding functions. You can choose from a budget range for the wedding and accordingly, UrbanHands will connect you with the wedding planners near you. The scale of your wedding can range from basic (5,00,000-10,00,000) to luxury (more than 50,00,000). Wedding planners also arrange destination weddings.

How it works?

Just search Wedding Planner in the search bar on the website or app to get to the questionnaire followed. It asks you a few questions related to your party needs, venue, and budget to help us understand your expectations better. Answer those questions and get yourself registered on the portal within a minute. Just make sure you have chosen the right elements for your party including decoration type, theme, venue and budget before you go on the portal. Once your request is on the portal you will start getting quotations from the Wedding Planners basis your query. Choose the best one suited for you and you are ready to leave all the headaches that come with planning a perfect eve.

Why UrbanHands ?

  • Curated Budget Brackets: We at UrbanHands understand the importance of hiring best professionals suiting your needs in a given budget. This is why we make sure you are not charged for anything beyond your requirement.
  • Verified Professionals: All UrbanHands professionals go through strict quality checks to ensure the authenticity of the work, before joining hands with us.

Frequently asked questions

  • Why do I need to hire a Wedding planner?

    Planning a wedding is extremely stressful and chaotic. For the longest time, wedding planners were considered a luxury only the rich could afford, but that’s not true. Wedding planners can actually help manage your entire wedding in the budget you need them to, as they can easily negotiate with vendors, or help get things done by people they already know. A wedding planner does not take away the vision of the wedding but helps you put it out in the best possible way. Wedding planning takes a lot of time and professional help could really help in pushing away last minute problems.

  • What is the fee of the Wedding Planner?

    A planners’ fee depends generally on their experience. However, the wedding planner will take their share according to the budget of the wedding. They accommodate their fee in the budget the customer has quoted. There’s no specific amount as such, but a planner before charging its own fee completes all the arrangements for the wedding.

  • Is it possible to hire a wedding planner who can just take care of music and decoration for the wedding?

    A wedding planner is ready to undertake any responsibility you hire them for. Be it just music, decoration or catering, or even all of them, a wedding planner will happily take care of the departments you want them to handle, without interfering with the others.

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