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Hiring guide for Mobile Repairing Services

It goes without saying that a mobile phone is the most important possession today. From functioning as a clock to accessing emails and important documents, your mobile does it all. Be it checking Facebook or uploading snaps on Snapchat, your cell phone helps you to stay connected with the world, apart from connecting you with the person on the other side of the call. Hence, when a phone breaks down, due to any reason, it can be the end of the world (metaphorically speaking)! Are you managing with a broken phone just because you are not finding the time to look for a mobile repair centre around you? Or maybe you do know the repair centre but you have no time to go and get your phone repaired? Or maybe you just are not able to squeeze time from your packed schedule to visit one? To rid people of this enslaving condition, UrbanHands came up with the idea of providing mobile repairing services.

How it works?

Go to the website or open the UrbanHands App to search for ‘mobile repairing services’ in the search tab. You will find a questionnaire pop up before you, which will help you shortlist your requirement. A list enumerating various phone brands such as Apple, Lenovo, Blackberry, HTC, Asus and so on, will appear. Select the phone brand and the model, tick against the part that needs repairing and finish the questionnaire by entering your address. A professional will be at your door to pick up the device at your chosen time and location.

Services provided in Mobile Repair

  • Software repair – Select this service if you are facing issues with the software such as problems due to a virus in the phone.
  • Camera replacement- Issue with the faulty camera lens and other camera related problems are dealt under this category.
  • LCD/Touch replacement- Unresponsive screen and other issues with the touch get treated under this service category.
  • Charging dock replacement/repair – Select this category for faulty charging docks and related issues.
  • Volume/Power Key repairmen- Choose this service category if the volume and/or power key isn’t functioning.
  • Battery replacement- Issues with faulty batteries, connection problems and other minor obstacles are dealt under this category.
  • Speaker/Mic replacement – Choose this service division if you have faulty speakers and/or mic.
  • Diagnostics- For all other issue, select this option.

Why UrbanHands mobile Repair Service ?

  • Customer Centric: With the aim to provide service exclusively suiting to our customer’s requirements, UrbanHands’s mobile repair services are extremely customer centric.
  • Verified professionals: Each and every professional on board with UrbanHands is taken through an extensive security check and verification process to ensure maximum efficiency and good work quality.
  • Service Guarantee: At UrbanHands, we take full ownership of our service. This is the reason that we provide a 30 days guarantee against our mobile repair services.
  • Standardized pricing: To save our customers from unfair pricing, we have come up with the idea of standardized pricing with the rate card shared on both our website and App.
  • Post service payment: Pay after you have availed the service and are fully satisfied with it.

Frequently asked questions

  • What if no services are availed from the professional? How much am I supposed to pay in that case?

    In such a case, where the professional has visited but no services were availed post inspection, you will be entitled to pay the inspection charges of Rs. 249.

  • How long will it take for my phone to be repaired?

    This answer depends on the kind of service availed. If the damage is a minor one, your device will be fixed and delivered the same day. In case of major damages which require instalments of new parts, it might take upto 2 days.

  • Do you provide any warranty for the service?

    Yes! The replacement parts used are 100% genuine and authentic. Depending on the model, brand and the kind of replacement done, the warranty lies between 3- 6 months.

Brand Part Cost of Spare Part
Apple - iPhone 5/5S/5C/SE Camera Repair Rs. 3000
Apple - iPhone 6 Camera Repai Rs. 3000
Apple - iPhone 6 Touch/LCD Rs 8000
Apple - iPhone 6S Camera Repair Rs 3000
Apple - iPhone 6S Touch/LCD Rs 8000
Apple - iPhone 6 Plus Camera Repair Rs 4000
Apple - iPhone 6 Plus Touch/LCD Rs 11000
Apple - iPhone 6S Plus Touch/LCD Rs 11000
Apple - iPhone 6S Plus Camera Repair Rs 4000
Apple - iPhone 7 Camera Repair Rs 5000
Apple - iPhone 7 Touch/LCD Rs 13000
Google - Pixel XL Camera Repair Rs 5500
Google - Pixel XL Touch/LCD Rs 17000
Google - Pixel Camera Repair Rs 4500
Google - Pixel Touch/LCD Rs 16000
Google - LG Nexus 5X Camera Repair Rs 1500
Google - LG Nexus 5X Touch/LCD Rs 4600
HTC - Desire 626 Camera Repair Rs 1200
HTC - Desire 626 Touch/LCD Rs 2700
HTC - One X Camera Repair Rs 1300
HTC - One X Touch/LCD Rs 2600
HTC - One M8 Touch/LCD Rs. 3300
HTC - One M8 Camera Repair Rs. 1400

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