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  • Personal Loan

    Personal loans are one kind of financial aid that is given out by banks in times of cash crunch. Personal loans can be availed at various occasions ranging from any impromptu vacation to a neighbouring country or half-way across the world. The loans are approved by several private sector banks who go ahead and do the needful. These loans are ideally availed by those who are in dire need of financial aid and those who have no apparent savings in their bank accounts. An instant loan can be approved for amounts as mere as 10,000/- and has high as a few lakhs, depending on the requirement. The various types of loans one can apply on credit cards, cash advances and balance transfers. The diverse kinds of personal loans are unsecured loans, open-ended loans and close-ended loans.

  • Home Loan

    Buying a house is a dream come true but without the help from one of the home loans financial services the dream is far from achievable. Housing loan minimizes the tension associated with purchasing homes, which demands investing in some lakhs to crores. A large number of public and private banks have a loan facility for those thousands of potential property buyers at affordable home loan interest rates. Home Loans in Kolkata are offered by several accredited financial institutions. Nowadays, one may consider applying for a home loan from the convenience of their homes through a few clicks on their mouse keeping the huge formalities away. The home loan borrower has to repay the loan through monthly EMIs, figure for which invariably rests on the loan amount and the time for repayment. If the home buyer opts for fixed rate home loans, then the interest rate will remain fixed for the entire period of the loan. Submit your request to connect to a large number of home loan service providers in this area.

  • Business Loan

    A business loan is a lump-sum amount lent by a financer to assist in the running of a business. Like any other loan, a small business loan is calculated keeping into account the principal amount, rate of interest and the tenure. Many institutions offering secured loans have an upper limit on the amount they can lend. Through a loan calculator, one can calculate the equated monthly installments or EMIs that one needs to pay every month for repaying the loan. A few lenders may not require the borrower to put collateral like house or property on the line to secure a loan. The loan repayment schedule is usually on a monthly basis, through equated monthly installments or EMIs. Credit limit of a loan can be increased subject to the borrower's eligibility and is ascertained on a case to case basis. Submit your request or Call us to connect to a vast list of enterprises offering Business Loans in your area.

  • Car Loan

    When buying a four-wheeler, applying for a car loan becomes the first hurdle to cross. The dilemma that one might face during this time is to choose between which loan provider is better than the other in terms of their rates and services. If not for this, another confusion that many face is handpicking the right car loan plan. The rates of interest vary depending on the bank you choose and the duration of the loan you pick. The loan providers situated within the city are establishments that pride in the experience they own in the business. Other than offering plans that are shaped to meet its customers' requisites, they are also known to make the process a smooth sailing one. Many automobile showrooms also offer finance services and assistance to its customers when they are in the process of buying their four-wheeler. Please submit your request to find the countless car loan providers in your area.

  • Loan Against Gold

    A loan is a borrowed sum of money that needs to be paid back with the rate of interest. Banks or financial institutions also lend money against gold jewellery as a collateral. For times when one is in dire need of funds, such as in the case of securing a college seat or a medical emergency, a loan against gold may come to the rescue. There are several lenders who offer gold loans, which is the process of lending a lump sum amount against gold ornaments, as collateral. Once the gold loan has been approved, the banks and financial institutions fix a repayment schedule that the borrower has to follow. Many private sector banks and financial institutions offer loans against gold. Post disbursing the loan, the gold is kept in the safe custody of the bank or financial institution. Submit your request to connect to a vast list of enterprises offering Loan Against Gold in your area.

  • Mortgage Loan

    The loans that are sought in return of having the borrower's owned property as a security are termed as mortgage loans. In many cases, a real estate purchaser avail this type of loan to raise funds for the purpose of buying a property. When the borrower fails to repay the loan, the lender has the right to take possession of the mortgaged property and sell it to get his money. There are specific interest rates that are fixed for the tenure of the loan and are subject to change at pre-defined periods as stated. Banks, NBFCs, credit unions and building societies are generally money lenders. Residential properties as well as commercial properties owned by the borrower can be mortgaged. The different features of mortgage include size of the loan, maturity of the loan, interest rate and method of paying off the loan. Get details of all the enterprises offering mortgage loans in your area.

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