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We stay awake and alive because Insurance helps families in financial distress, during the times of death, disability, disease, and accidents, and when families need help most. One incident can destroy a family’s future and development. We hope no one ever faces such a situation, but the truth is millions of people do. Unlike European countries we have poor social security. The rich can still recover from the financial loss, but the poor cannot recover from such a loss easily. Thus we believe we do a noble act by building awareness about such a product.We at UrbanHands aim to connect you to the right insurance agent to help you get the best value for your money and trust.

How it works?

As soon as you’re on the UrbanHands portal, a search box will appear before you and search for Insurance Agents. A pop-up box will open up using which will record your requirements by taking you through a few questions. Questions such as type of insurance,your age, the date. As soon as you finish answering this, your request will be processed on the UrbanHands portal and will be available to the right insurance agent.

Why UrbanHands ?

  • Verified professional: We at UrbanHands maintain a high-quality bar when it comes to hiring professionals. This is the reason that the bridal makeup artists who apply to be on the UrbanHands portal are taken through a strict screening process.

Services provided

  • Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Travel Insurance

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