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Hiring guide for Bridal Makeup Artist

It is every bride’s dream to look like a princess on her special day. With the latest trends and innovations in both – wedding and beauty service industries, various concepts have developed when it comes to bridal makeups. It can include eye makeup, face makeup, airbrush makeup, bridal hairstyles and so on. The quintessential dulhan makeup service has grown and diversified to become a wedding vertical in itself. We, at UrbanHands, are here to make your wedding experience convenient and special. With our bridal makeup services explore the best makeup artists in your city at the comfort of your home.

How it works?

You just need to open the UrbanHands portal either on the website or on the App and search for the Bridal Makeup Artist in the service bar. A pop-up box will open up using which will record your requirements by taking you through a few questions. Questions such as which type of artist is required for which wedding event, what kind of makeup is preferred, if the event is out stationed and so on comprise the questionnaire. As soon as you finish answering this, your request will the posted on the portal and will be available to the bridal makeup artists around you. You will start receiving quotations from makeup artists befitting your requirements.

Why UrbanHands Bridal Makeup Artist?

  • Verified professional: We at UrbanHands maintain a high-quality bar when it comes to hiring professionals. This is the reason that the bridal makeup artists who apply to be on the UrbanHands portal are taken through a strict screening process.
  • Flexibility: The wedding makeup services are kept extremely flexible to make the important event of one’s life easier and hassle free. From providing out stationed services to the range of products used, our service continues to be customer centric.
  • Range of products: Depending on the affordability and requirement of the customers, we diversify from products such as Krylon and Revolution to Armani and Chanel.

Frequently asked questions

  • What brands do you use?

    Depending on the kind of professional you have booked, our makeup brands diversifies from Krylon, Mac and Makeup Studio to Bobbi Brown, Estee Launder and Armani.

  • Can you provide details about Airbrushing?

    Airbrush makeup utilises a small makeup air compressor, an airbrush gun, and special airbrush foundation. This foundation – which is either water based or silicone based – is thinner than regular liquid foundation as it needs to pass through the airbrush gun.

  • Do you provide a trial?

    This depends from professional to professional. However, most of the bridal makeup artists do provide a partial bridal makeup and hairstyle trials.

  • How soon should I book the service?

    You should ideally book the service within 15 to 90 days of the event.

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